Our bereavement service is for anyone who has lost someone where drugs may have been a reason for their death. This doesn’t mean that drugs need to be the main cause of death – if the person was a drug user and has died, our bereavement service can offer support.

How can I contact the service?

We can refer you to the service if you contact our helpline 08080 10 10 11 or use the web chat on our website. The helpline adviser will ask how they can help and will recommend the service. If you would like to use the service, the adviser will take your name, location, and phone number to pass it onto our team. We ask for your location so that we can find a counsellor closest to you. You can also let us know if there is a specific day or time you would like to be called.

Our team will contact you within five working days to explain how our service works and answer any questions you might have. If you are happy to go ahead, we will find a counsellor near you who will contact you and arrange a suitable time, date and place for your counselling sessions.

What happens?

The counselling sessions will last an hour and the counsellor will give you time to talk and offer support. We usually offer six sessions but everyone is different and if you feel you need more or fewer sessions, please talk to your counsellor who will be happy to help.

If your sessions have ended and you feel you still need support, this could be a few days, months or years later, you can contact us again to use the service.

Funeral Funding Advice

If you are on a low income, Down to Earth can help with organising a funeral. Down to Earth can help you arrange a funeral you can afford. They will listen to what is important to you and will help with choices and support with practical problems. They do not provide grants but can help you find money that you may be entitled to from other sources.

Planning an Affordable Funeral

Download a simple and practical guide:

Planning an Affordable Funeral

Down to Earth Helpline: 020 8983 5055


The helpline is available from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.
If there is no answer, leave a message. They aim to respond within one working day.

Visit the Down to Earth website

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