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Stories are relatable and they humanise everything you are going through. They can support you if you don’t know where to start. They let you know you are not alone. They can help you take that step forward for support. And even reading stories can be a way to cope with what is going on.

We will always share family member’s stories and champion everything they do.


Submitting your story and sharing it online can be a daunting experience, so we would always say to ask yourself first if you are feeling okay with this. If you’re not up to it yet, take some time to think it through. And if it’s not for you, then that’s okay.

You can submit your story to us using the link below or here. You can write your story out first on a Word document and then send it over to us.

If your story is suitable for our website and follows our guidelines, we will post it in our online story hub.

We will usually edit your story only for clarity, using plain English, and web usability. We will make sure to confirm with you first if you are happy with any changes.

We can’t publish every story we receive, so please don’t feel disappointed if you don’t hear back from us.

You don’t have to use your real name if you don’t want to. You can remain anonymous or give yourself a pseudonym.

If you want to share a story but don’t know where to start, our lovely communications team are here to chat with you.

You can contact us at

With your permission, we will share your story on our website, our social media channels, our evidence bank (internal to Scottish Families), and any further opportunities.

We take your confidentiality very seriously and will not share any information without your clear permission.

Please note: this is not our Helpline and you will not get a response from our support team.
If you need support please contact 08080 10 10 11 / or use the webchat on our website.

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