Drugs Support Organisations


Supports professionals working in the drug and alcohol field. They also provide independent information on drugs and drug related issues.


Provides free and confidential advice about drugs and drugs law to the public and professionals. Service includes a helpline.



They have a helpline and email for anyone whose life is affected by volatile substance abuse.


Scottish Drugs Forum

Improves the quality, range and effectiveness of service and policy responses to problematic drug use in Scotland, works to reduce future and recurring problematic drug use, and promotes and sustains recovery from drug problems.


Scottish Recovery Consortium

Coordinates action across Scotland to promote the recovery of individuals, family members and communities from drug problems and addiction.


Turning Point Scotland

Manages substance use services ranging from residential units to community based services. Also provides services for substance users in the criminal justice system.


Wired In to Recovery

An online recovery community. Website includes information, stories and blogs. Community members can write contribute to forums and post blogs.



Provides information about psychostimulant drugs (particularly NPS – legal highs) and the dangers of using them including harm reduction information so people can make informed choices.


Know the Score

Website provides information and advice about drugs and the associated health risks.

Helpline : 0800 587 5879


Phoenix Futures

Provide a range of services in Scotland including a residential detoxification and rehabilitation programme, alcohol and drug day programmes, individual and group support programmes. They also provide a comprehensive range of interventions across the Scottish Prison Service estate.



Information about naloxone, including training in administering naloxone.



A specialist drug and alcohol treatment charity. Services include family support and services for young people.


FRANK about drugs

Confidential drugs information and advice (based in England)

Helpline : 0300 123 6600 or text 82111 lines open 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week


FRANK Cannabis

Online Cannabis self help tool.

The Site.org

Drugs information aimed at young people.


My Crew

Impartial drugs information, advice and support including online chat room


Scottish Drugs Services Directory

On-line search for local drug services who can help with drug treatment and care.


Cocaine Anonymous Scotland

Uses the basic 12 Steps of Recovery program.

Helpline : 0141 959 6363 Open 24/7


Cocaine Anonymous UK

Uses the basic 12 Steps of Recovery program

Helpline : 0800 612 0225 (1000-2200 hours daily)

Marijuana Anonymous UK

Uses the basic 12 Steps of Recovery program

Helpline : 07940 503 438


Council for Information on Tranquillisers, Antidepresssnts and Painkillers (CITAp)

Information and support for families dealing with prescribed tranquilizers, sleeping tablets, antidepressants and pain killers.

Helpline : 0151 932 0102 (Mon – Fri: 10am – 1pm)


Narcotics Anonymous Glasgow

Local helpline and regular self help meetings within the community for anyone with a desire to stop using drugs.

Helpline : 07071 248 710


UK Narcotics Anonymous

Helpline and regular self help meetings for addicts who have a desire to stop using and who wish to support each other in remaining drug free.

Helpline : 0300 999 1212

SMART Recovery UK

SMART supports individuals who want to abstain from any type of addictive behaviour through a four-point programme using tools and techniques based on scientific evidence.

Helpline : 0845 603 9830 or 01463 258837


My Recovery My Choice

Information on heroin and other opioid dependence and treatment options.


Addiction Resource

AddictionResource.com is a volunteer-run organization dedicated to guiding people through every step of the addiction treatment and recovery process. Our goal is to connect those battling addiction to the help they need to put their lives back on track.


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