‘Alcohol Stole My Mum’ by John Taylor

The third and fourth events of Bound Together were with John Taylor as he launched his debut novel, ‘Alcohol Stole My Mum’.

Travelling up from London where John works as a Family Addiction Support Worker, he returned to East Dunbartonshire where he once had to flee as a child as his mother’s alcohol problem impacted him and his sister. He hosted an event at the Hillhead Community Centre on the 15th of June 2022. The vivid descriptions he read to the audience were confirmed by some people who recalled his mum and the drinking den that was his home.

Waterstones in Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street hosted his second event on the 18th of June 2022 where a new audience heard how John managed to halt the cycle of addiction and trauma by getting himself into treatment.

Book Review

By Stephen Bartlett

Alcohol Stole My Mum takes us on a journey with John Taylor, detailing his childhood growing up with an alcoholic mother. As the book progresses, we learn about the lasting impact of childhood trauma and how this can linger long into adulthood.

The title of this book is as harrowing as it is amazing. Instantly, you feel spoken to, and it gets your mind racing. “Hang on a minute, alcohol stole my mum too”… That was my first reaction, I had never known anyone else who has grown up with an alcoholic mum. Of course, I knew this happened, but nobody talks about it. Why don’t my friend’s parents drink vodka every day? I would ask myself.

That’s why this book is so timely and important. Not just on a personal level, but for the children and families of now and the future. I wish I had the pleasure to hear John’s story years ago, but I know that many will now benefit and that makes me hopeful. John’s openness can be at the forefront of that.

Instantly, I knew I had to attend John’s book reading, set up by Scottish Families as part of their Bound Together project. As I took my seat at Waterstones on Sauchiehall Street, I was not disappointed.

Download and read the full review here.


Episode 10 – with Author John Taylor (Life with Alcohol and Drugs Podcast)

John chats about his book ‘Alcohol Stole My Mum’, and he shares his experiences, journey, and the process behind writing his book.

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