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It is important to realise that you are not responsible for your loved one's alcohol or drugs misuse. Read more »
Take the time to help yourself and you will be in a better postion to help your loved one. Read more »
Simple advice for dealing with things such as imprisonment of a loved one, violence and conflict. Read more »
Stigma has serious repercussions. There are things we can all do to overcome it. Read more »


Talking to your loved one can be a great support to them. Being well informed can make the conversation easier. Read more »
Treatment can help your relative come of alcohol or drugs. You can play a part in helping them through this challenging time. Read more »
Harm reduction services aim to reduce alcohol and drug-related deaths and the spread of blood borne viruses. Read more »
After treatment comes recovery. This can be a long process. Family and peer support can be vital. Read more »


Call our free and confidential helpline today for information, advice or simply to talk. Read more »
Meet up with people who are experiencing, or have experienced, similar things. Find a group »
Find your nearest group, support service or treatment contact using our service finder. Find local services »
Scottish organisations that provide support to family members and substance misusers. Read more »


Featured News

Consultation on GP telephone numbers

Posted: 16-03-2015

In July 2005 the Scottish Government introduced a ban on premium rate numbers when calling the NHS. However, this did not include 084 numbers. The policy was reiterated in 2011 and guidance was issued to NHS Boards stating that no one calling a GP practice should be charged more than the equivalent of calling a geographical number.

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House of Lords Report urges for a new EU Alcohol Strategy

Posted: 06-03-2015

The European Union must act to combat alcohol-related harm, a Lords report urges today. New action by the EU should focus on measures it can take itself rather than relying on Member State action alone. 

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Alcohol can cause cancer - limit your intake

Posted: 06-02-2015

As we celebrate the World Cancer Day (4th February) and the achievements which have
been accomplished in the area of cancer prevention, we need to remember about the less
known causes of cancer such as alcohol consumption.
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Latest News

Fatal Accident Inquiries

Posted: 30-03-2015

The Justice Committee is calling for evidence on the Inquiries into Fatal Accidents and Sudden Deaths etc. (Scotland) Bill.

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Brewers of Europe acknowledge that consumers have the right to know what is in their drink

Posted: 27-03-2015

European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare) welcomes the initiative from the Brewers of Europe to provide ingredients and nutritional information for their products. Eurocare has been calling for this since 2008.

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Consultation on the future of womens imprisonment

Posted: 20-03-2015

As part of the Scottish Government and SPS consultation on the future of women's imprisonment, Families Outside have been asked to collate the views of family members.

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Easterhouse to host Parliament Day this March

Posted: 10-03-2015

Easterhouse will host the Scottish Parliament on Monday March 16th at the local Arts centre The Bridge on Westerhouse Road.

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Scottish Government response to the Carers Legislation Consultation

Posted: 04-03-2015

The Scottish Government today published its response to the Carers Legislation Consultation which ran until April 2014. The main issues raised by the majority of respondents have been addressed by the Government.

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“What Next?” Weekend Workshop - 14th/15th March 2015 in Edinburgh.

Posted: 12-02-2015

This workshop has been designed for those who are abstinent and stable in their recovery.

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