Helpline Over The Holidays & Support Booklet

Our Helpline Over the Holidays

  • Helpline will run as normal and close on – Friday 22nd December
  • Normal service delivery to resume – Wednesday 3rd January

If you need any support over the holidays, you can contact:

  • NHS 111 – 111
  • Breathing Space – 0800 83 85 87
  • Samaritans – 116 123
  • Police Scotland – 101 (for non-emergencies)
  • If it’s an emergency please call 999

Support Booklet

We share our heartfelt support and guidance to every family member across Scotland who is dealing with challenging circumstances this year. The constant stream of festive cheer everywhere we go, coupled with the pressure to have a traditional celebration can make this season particularly difficult for those of us struggling.

Remember, it’s okay to prioritise self-care and set boundaries for your own well-being. Connect with trusted friends, family, or support groups, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if needed. The team wishes you resilience, strength, and moments of peace through this holiday season.

This short booklet shares our Helpline over Christmas and some helpful contacts. We also have some information for planning for Christmas, along with a beautiful written piece from Antonia Rolls.

Read our support booklet here

The Scottish Families Snowflake

Our lovely family member, Amanda Barr, has created another illustration for us to use this winter. We chose a snowflake as they are all unique, like every family in Scotland affected by alcohol and drugs. Amanda felt very connected to this image and we just want to give our heartfelt thanks to her for making something so wonderful.

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