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Rough Sleeping – Where to find support this Christmas

During the holiday season, we must not forget the plight of thousands of people across Scotland who are experiencing homelessness and rough sleeping. Scottish Drugs Forum thought what better way to show care than to share where people can seek support this Christmas period. Shelter Scotland has said that 28,000 Scottish households were assessed as […]

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Merry Caremas – Day 18 Christmas Traditions Around the World

Let me set the scene for you … it’s a beautiful crisp and sunny winters day in the amazing city of Barcelona. You’re wandering among the many stalls at the Christmas market, enjoying taking in the sights and sounds and you can’t help noticing these cheeky wee faces are everywhere and I mean everywhere, and […]

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Merry Caremas – Day 14 our five top self care tips

Practice kindness Despite what the songs on the radio and the films on TV say, this time of year doesn’t always bring out the best in people. When people are being ratty, unreasonable or just plain rude it may help to remember that everyone is fighting their own battles. You don’t know what is going […]

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Merry Caremas – Day 15 Top tips for surviving Christmas parties

Pick your battles. At this time of year, there are no end of parties to choose from but, if you’re not quite the social butterfly, it can start to feel more like one obligation after another. Don’t climb back into your cocoon yet though; just because you’ve been invited to every shindig in town, doesn’t […]

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Merry Caremas – Day 13 Having a loved one in prison this Christmas

While others are buying Christmas presents and hanging decorations, you might not be feeling bright and bubbly about the Festive Period. It’s really hard to be going through the worst time when the rest of the world is wrapped in tinsel. If you have a loved one in prison, Christmas can be overshadowed, and in […]

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Merry Caremas – Day 12 Family Blogs

For what it is worth, the main thing I remember (and that helps me) is that Christmas is in reality not so different to the rest of the year (apart from the media hype). As far as stress, loss, and sadness are concerned, that has been there all the time! I am pretty sure it […]

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Merry Caremas – Day 11 Family Blog

In order for the light to shine so brightly, first the darkness must be present: So let me tell you where I am right now. It’s Thursday 23rd November 8.45pm and I’m sitting on my bed in the Premier Inn on Argyle Street in Glasgow after spending what has been a wonderful day delivering Community […]

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Merry Caremas – Day 9 Festive Drinks

Nutella Hot Chocolate 3 tablespoons Nutella 314ml milk (skimmed, semi-skimmed, whole, almond, oat, whatever you like) Put Nutella and 78ml of milk in a small saucepan over medium heat Whisk until it’s all blended Add remaining milk, increase heat to medium-high and whisk until it’s all hot and frothy. Mulled Apple Juice 1L apple […]

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Merry Caremas – Day 4 Drink Labelling

Day 4 – Drink Labelling Many of us drink more than usual at this time of year with nights out, catching up with friends, and family get-togethers. We all have a right to know what we’re drinking and the risks associated with alcohol consumption. The ingredients, nutritional values, and calories will be clear on that […]

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Merry Caremas Day 5 – Support Us / Fundraising

You don’t need me to tell you that Christmas is traditionally a time for charitable giving. I am sure that you will have seen adverts on TV, read posts on social media, received letters or maybe even had a knock at the door from charities of all sizes looking for a bit of extra support […]

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