Make a Donation to us on Overdose Awareness Day

Today (31st of August) is International Overdose Awareness Day and we have staff members out and about across the country talking about our support services and letting people know we are here for them.

Too many families in Scotland lose their loved ones every year to overdose.

But there is hope, as Scottish Families is there for anyone who needs us. We listen and offer support without judgement.

‘I isolate myself from family and friends because my life is consumed by my son’s drug problem and the chaos it brings every day. My son lives with me because I don’t want him to die in the street. In a moment of desperation, after my son nearly died of an overdose for the third time, I took to Google to find help and came across Scottish Families. I’m so glad I made that call. I can’t remember what was said exactly, but I will always remember how I felt after it. I felt listened to and for the first time I felt lighter. I knew I wasn’t alone. I know moving forward I will be okay as I am no longer alone on this journey.’

Last year we supported 3,402 more people. For many, we are their only source of support.

More families than ever are seeking our help. You can help us reach them when they need us.

All donation help our work supporting families through our Helpline, one-to-one support and family groups.

Can you help us reach more families?

Make a donation here – thank you.

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