Our New Holding On Project Is Open For Referrals

Our project that was previously known as ‘Families as Lifesavers’ is now officially named ‘Holding On’. And it is open for referrals!

The Holding On project aims to work with family members who are deeply concerned about their loved one’s substance use with a particular focus around drugs. Family members can self-refer to the service or this can be done on their behalf. The project has specific criteria utilising an initial risk assessment to confirm those with a medium to a high level of risk, the risk assessment will look at factors such as has the loved one had a recent non-fatal overdose, is there concerns around self-harm, homelessness, recent discharge from prison/residential rehab etc. However, for those who are concerned about their loved one but the level of risk is deemed lower than the criteria for the Holding On project there will still be support offered through Scottish Families.

The aim of the project is to create a bespoke package of intensive support for the family, depending on their specific situation. For example, Naloxone training, Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT), specific tailored training that suits the needs of the family, working on the family members own self-care will be a fundamental part of the support, connecting family members with other family members virtually through the use of online platforms i.e. video calls, empowering families and looking at self-advocacy/families rights.

Referrals can be made directly through the Scottish Families website or any initial enquires can be made to holdingon@sfad.org.uk

Our Holding On project is funded by the Scottish Drug Deaths Taskforce

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