Family Support Groups and Telehealth

Family support is a service that is available across Scotland to families and friends who are worried about someone else’s alcohol or drugs use. Support can be in the form of groups but there is also one-to-one support with a peer worker or counsellor, and there is support over the phone or online. At Scottish Families, we can help to find you a form of family support that you are comfortable with.

It can feel daunting to ask for support, you may not really know how to ask or you may feel you’re fine and just want support for your parent/partner/child or person you care about. Whichever it is we can help.

Call: 08080 10 10 11
Or use the webchat on our website

“The advice I was given gave me confidence in several specific instances and helped me focus on helping my family.” – Family Member

“This service has been a lifeline to me through a very challenging time in my life. If has helped me to focus and make positive decisions for me which can only help no matter what the future brings. I’ve learned to trust myself again which has been a huge step.” – Family Member

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